“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.” Romans 1:16

Good Morning,

Yesterday in my post “Good Christian vs. Disciple” I asked you to name the 8-10 radical minimum competencies a disciple of Jesus needs to be fairly proficient at.  One of those I believe is the ability to share the Gospel with others. 

I am attending my North Alabama Conference’s Gathering of Orders.  It is an annual gathering of all clergy in our conference to come together to connect, pray, learn and enforce community among us.  Last night in a training a statistic was given that there are over 180 million secular functioning people that do not know any basics of the Bible in America.  This makes America the third largest mission field in the world.   

Those 180 million people are members of your family, co-workers, classmates, fellow gym members, waitresses, and your neighbors.  I went with members of ODC to see the movie the insanity of God.  It was a movie on persecution of Christian and the sharing of the Gospel in dangerous places in the world.  One scene of the movie looked at China.  In China, even though there is horrific persecution of Christians taking place in that country, millions of people are coming into the saving faith in Christ Jesus and the church is booming.    The interviewer there asked them why that is?   They answered their persecutors who are atheists attack those who the share the Gospel and will not share it today or any day with anyone.  So we share the gospel daily.  If we go through the day and do not share the Gospel with anyone, who’s side are we on, Jesus’ or our persecutors?  If we do not share the Gospel today, we choose to side with them.  As how is our silence in sharing the Gospel any different than there’s is? There is the sin of omission.  Failing to do what the gift of your salvation compels you to do. 

You can’t do it wrong.  You do not have to be a theological expert.  Most of those who are sharing the Gospel in China have not read much of the Bible.  Some of their underground churches have just got a copy of a book of the Bible or two passed on to them.

Read Ephesians 3:7-13; Acts 4:12

 I would ask you then to take time, yes time, to write out the Gospel.  Write it out to enforce and remind you of it, so you will have more clarity and comfort in sharing it.  Then pray over what you wrote, and ask the Holy Spirit to give you an unavoidable opportunity to share it today.