Good Monday morning,

As you start a new week and set to fulfill your plans you have made, remember God has set his plans he has made for you and needs you to fulfill as well.  His plan is to release you and I, ordinary people in the church out into our communities to do extraordinary things in the kingdom.  Just like in Acts 8:1. It was ordinary, un-named Jews, just some people, that scattered and spread the Gospel, lead others into salvation, made disciples, and grew churches.

  God’s plan this week includes the scattering and sending of you and I.  People are saved, disciples are made, lives are restored and churches grow not through programs, but through ordinary people spreading the Gospel.  Spreading and sharing the Gospel is not about bringing people into a building to hear someone speak, but sending people out of a building to speak it into the world. Armies of ordinary people in the church, empowered by the extraordinary power and presence of the Holy Spirit, speaking life, truth, and transformation to those they encounter in their day.

Lets all commit to get rid of any spectator mentality we may possess about our role in Christ’s church. What ever is the name of the church you attend, what ever is the last name of your family, let that name be known in your neighborhood not because of its seating capacity, but its sending capacity.  Because I believe at the end of the day that is how God is going to judge the church.

A change in spectator mentality won’t happen accidently.  Just like setting aside and scheduling time in your day and calendar is required to fulfill your plans for the week, setting aside time and creating margins in your day and calendar is required to fulfill God’s plan for you to do extraordinary things for his kingdom.  It requires intentionality.

Read Acts 8:1, 11:17-22.  Then I challenge you to open your calendar for the week and look at where you have scheduled times to release yourself in your community and spread the Gospel.  Not scheduled times in a Bible study, prayer gathering, church meeting, or small group (though these are good), but intentional times of release, sentness into an area of your community with no prescript expectation or outcome but sharing your testimony and the Gospel.  Schedule in times to prayer walk, go to a Waffle House, bar, mall, Walmart, hospital waiting room, Laundromat…ect.  If you do not have times set aside and scheduled for this, for fulfilling God’s plan for you, it won’t happen.  Luther said, “Delay is the sharpest arrow in the enemies quiver.”  Don’t delay.


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