Source of spiritual gifts:


God is at the source of all our gifts, whether spiritual or physical.  He can use both through the spirit to heal, set people free, feed the hungry, bring sight to the blind.  We are called to seek out and use both spiritual and physical gifts given by God to transform and do miraculous works in our world.  Volunteering to go read to an elementary child with a troubled family, will transform and change that child’s life as praying for wisdom and knowledge over the child.  The two work hand in hand.

We all have spiritual gifts, and they are present and available to us today.  Healing, prophecy, evangelism, prayer, teaching are all gifts the Holy Spirit desires to give us and use to the glory of God and his Kingdom.  They do not however come to us through our physical striving and our means, the gifts come to us through means of grace: prayer, time spent in Scriptures, fasting, The Lord’s Supper, acts of mercy.  It is through these things that we receive spiritual gifts from the Holy Spirit and practice perfecting them.

Jay Leno said, “I will do anything to get a great body except eat a healthy diet and exercise.”  We in the church try to see God work around us and receive gift of the Holy Spirit and we will do anything to experience them except spend time in pray and and reading the Bible. Why does the church today not see people filled with the gifts of the spirit like we read about in the first church, because people in todays church do not spend time seeking them.

God wants us to be a church full of power that witnesses acts of God’s moving among us.  I want us to be a church that expects working of God to be a normal daily occurrence.  If you look at places like Africa, China, and Korea where the church if growing at a remarkable pace, most of it is as the result of healings, prophecies, evangelistic out pouring of the Spirit, from a church that witnesses from a high expectancy of God’s presence in their lives. 

What are your physical gift and how are your using them to allow people to experience the kingdom of God today?  What are your spiritual gifts that the Holy Spirit wants you to use in the same way?

Read 1 Cor. 12:5-11, Ephesians 4:11-14, and Romans 12:4-8.  Then take some quiet time and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the gifts he has given you.  Ask the Holy Spirit to whom you are to share your gifts with.  Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to people who can mentor you and encourage you in your spiritual gifts. 


Watch this video by Dr. Keener on Spiritual gifts.