“Why does no one respond when I call?” v.2


“Who among you fears the Lord?

Who obeys his servant?

Whoever walks in deep darkness,

without light,

should trust in the name of the Lord

and rely on his God.” V. 10

God asks why does no one respond to his invitation to believe in his grace and power?  Instead of trying to put the blame on God and resigning themselves to their hopeless situation, his people should be committing themselves to the power, deliverance, and grace of their creator.  He is more than ready to help them and restore them if they just admit their guilt and receive his deliverance.

God also asks, “Who fears the lord?”  How does a person demonstrate that he or she “fears the Lord?”  That they live in that place of reverence and awe that shapes their behavior?  By listening to, and by obeying that which the Servant has been appointed by God to reveal in the world.  I may be over simplifying it, but if you do not even bother to listen to Jesus by daily setting aside time reading the Bible and in prayer, then you have no fear, no real respect for him.  If you won't even take the time to listen to God, then you really don’t have a desire to obey him and let him shape your life.  How can he when you aren’t even valuing any time to hear what he says to you? You have no real desire to hear God, no respect to obey God, no fear of God.

Isaiah goes on to reveal that to fear God and to obey the voice of the Servant would imply an abundance of light.  But this is not necessarily the case.  Those who follow the Servant may indeed walk with him into the darkness of frustration, injustice, humiliation, and abuse. But this does not mean they should abandon following God!  All throughout time the followers of God think that God’s blessing equals comfort, monetary gain, and their well being.  But that was not the way of the Servant.  And he was the most blessed person to ever walk the face of this earth.

God call you today, how will you respond?

Will you care enough today to listen to God and let him shape your day?