“ Any weapon that is forged against you will not succeed, and any tongue that rises up with you, you will find guilty.  This is the inheritance of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness from me, says the Lord.” V. 17

I love this verse!  It powerfully sums up and concludes this chapter: Whoever attempts to use a weapon or tongue against the people of God will not succeed, as all things must eventually serve God’s purpose.  They may be able to injure God’s people, and appear to destroy them, but they will never be able to do so.  It appeared Babylon had destroyed Israel, but God delivered them.  In modern times, it appeared the Nazis and their holocaust had destroyed Israel and Judaism. Yet the main final result of its horrific acts was the establishment of the Jewish state of Israel, which had not existed for 2,000 years. 

It This is the inheritance of those in the family of God, those in Christ Jesus, this is the inheritance of you and me!!!  You may find your self in a situation now that is destroying your joy.  It may even be one as the result of your deliberate sin.  Israel’s exile into Babylon was a result of their sin against God.  But when you repent and turn back to God, turn back to Christ, the destruction stops as your relationship to God is renewed. 


So thankful!