Today we look at the importance of multiplication and Disciples making Disciples. "Discipleship" is a "in" word in the church today.  .

It is a great thing when you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.  It is a greater thing when you take time to lead someone else to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. It is the greatest thing when you take the time after leading someone to Christ to spend time and Disciple them and see them lead someone to Christ.  Jesus did not command us to simply evangelize, he commanded us to make disciples.  Leading someone to Christ is an inportant part of the process, but not the fulfillment of Jesus's command for us, which is to make disciples who make disciples.

Many books and trainings are being written about discipleship.  Many churches claim they are about making Disciples. I were to stand up in front of your church, your ministry, your family and ask all to stand up.  I then said those who have done the great thing of accepting Christ as their Lord remain standing.  Then I said in the past 6 months, all those who done the greater thing of leading some to Christ remaining standing.  Finally I said in the past 6 months those that have done the greatest thing and discipled someone to leading someone to Christ remain standing.  How many would be left standing?  Today's challenge is critical.  Here is a great article on Jesus Great Commission to read  when you can.

Link for day 10 Challenge:  Day 10: The importance of Multiplication

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