In day 7 we were challenged to write out out testimony.  To write out a three minute response we would give if someone asks us, " What difference does being a Christian make in your life?"  Did you write it out?  Being able to share your testimony and the Gospel with others are the two core and basic capabilities every Christian needs to posses.  

We all are competent and enjoy starting up and entering into conversations on secular topics. We passionately and confidently enter int cover stations on our favorite sports teams, politics, current events, and even gossip.  If someone sits down next to you at  a restaurant, bar, or other event we can start conversations on sports, politics, the weather...ect, but we shrink back from starting a conversation our faith and Jesus.  Why?  Because western box lecture-based church models  don't equip or require you to share.  On Sunday you sit for an hour or so listening to a lecture and music from trained and payed professionals.  Then Monday morning at work, school, or other encounters with people in your communities you are "live" and asked to share your faith, when you never have practiced, rehearsed, or been showed models and ways of doing it.  Hence the need for this 30 day challenge.  If not you. Who?  if not now, when? 

Link for today's day 12 challenge:  Day 12: Practice Your Testimony

This Sunday from 10:00am-12:00pm ODC members will again be going to our local flea market and Laundromat sharing life, stories, and praying with those we encounter.  Contact us is you would like to join us.