Today as in day 8 of the challenge, we again look at obedience.  Why? because obedience is at the core of discipleship and the Christian life.  Their are two Latin words we use to describe areas of Christian life: orthodoxy, and orthopraxy.  Orthodoxy is when one has the true, accepted, and correct understanding of God. Orthopraxy is when one's conduct, behavior, and daily life conform to the correct and true biblical calling.  Reflects the life of Christ.

Most Christians have a higher Orthodoxy, understanding and "head knowledge" of God and Jesus, then they do Orthopraxy, being obedient and conform their actions to that knowledge.  The class room settings of Sunday morning church and Sunday schools give us head knowledge of Jesus, but do not give us hands on training in obeying God.

Satan has perfect Orthodoxy.  He has a perfect and complete understanding of who the true God is.  On a scale of 1-10 his Orthodoxy is a 10.  Satan has a perverted Orthopraxy. their is no true obedience in him,  He is the father of lies, when he speaks he lies, his life is opposite of Christ and on o scale of 1-10 his Orthoptaxy would be below 1, it would be a negative number.

Orthopraxy +Orthodoxy= Christian Life, a Disciple of Christ.  Your obedience level to God, must equal your head knowledge of God.

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