When you are in a group that starts saying the "Lord's Prayer" together and you are able to join in at say it with them, How are you able to do that?  When you here the Bible stories of Noah, Jonah, Jesus' encounters and others, How do you know them?  If you know it is wrong to steal, murder, and you should respect others and your parents, How do you know that?You weren't born with a "Lord's Prayer" gene.  It is be cause some where in your past someone: a parent, grandparent, other family members, friend, church member...someone; saw you as a child of God and invested time in you teaching, loving, and train you up in the way of the Bible and the Lord. 

Question: Who are you investing in now?  Who are the two or three people you are pouring into, mentoring, meeting with regularly, loving enough to want them to be a disciple of Christ.  If the name of two or three people do not easily come to you mind now, then day 14 challenge is for you.  If a few people do come to your mind, then I hope today's challenge encourages you and empowers you to continue and to seek more.

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 Day 14: Investing in a Few

Discipleship 101 Training 9 week starts this coming Thursday night from 9:00pm-11:00pm at Terranovas.  In this training you will be encouraged, and equipped to invest time into others, by investing time in yourselves.  I highly recommend you attend.  For more info and to sign up go to this link: http://onedirectioncommunity.squarespace.com/…/discipleship