The only reason that Christianity through Christians has a powerful impact on peoples lives and this world is that they come as advocates of Christ.  We bring the message of the Gospel.  When we as Christians focus on Christ in our relationships with others, the power of the Holy Spirit magnifies our puny efforts, overcomes our short comings, and real transformation of lives takes place.  But when we begin to lose our focus and start becoming advocates for people and their desires, you will find your friendships growing but your ministry diminished.  You only offer them your shortcomings, and withhold from them the most priceless gift you possess to offer them, that can change and bring hope to their lives, eternal life in Christ Jesus.  Your personal knowledge that you are saved does absolutely nothing for your neighbors, family and friends unless you share the source of that salvation with them

Link to today's day 17 challenge:  Day 17: The Basis for Disciple-making

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