In yesterday's challenge I stated that your accepting Christ as your Lord and Savior, as amazing and important decision as it was, does nothing to impact your neighborhood or community if it just remains personal knowledge that you fail to share with anyone.  We all have a testimony of how the grace and love of God has impacted and changed our lives and we need to share it with others.  Remember my explanation of orthopraxy+orthodoxy= Christian life in day 13 of this challenge?  Attending a Bible study at your church is good.  Spending time in and understanding the Scriptures is great.  But if all you are doing is attending and reading and looking at John chapter 1.  And then then next week looking at John chapter 2. And so on and so forth without intentionally making a list of people and then sharing with them what you learned weekly from that Bible study, you gain "head knowledge" of God, but never put it into practice.   Todays challenge is HUGE, as your obedience to completing it will ultimately impact the effectiveness of this challenge.  Don't make it into another Bible study.  It was never intended to be.   It was meant to be a challenge.

Link to today's challenge: Day 18: Practice your Testimony

Post your comments and feelings on sharing your testimony below.