Sharing the Gospel with others is at the basics of the Christian faith.  Yet unfortunately, in my time spent in various churches and conversations with Christians I am usually surprised when people can share the Gospel.  I am even more surprised when one presents the Gospel with joy and zeal. The zeal like that of an 80 year old woman sitting in the first pew who may not be able to hardly move, but if you get anywhere near her she will tell you about the Gospel with a light and a love and a zeal that is undeniable.  She shares out of a heart not just because it is The Gospel, but because it is her Gospel!  it is a personal Gospel of what God has done and is doing in her life!  It is a Gospel shared in joy.

I believe the greatest hindrance of non-Christians accepting the Gospel today is not hypocrisy; that they see Christians say one thing and do another.  It is also not because of lack of morality; because you can have a church that is full of good people that are still going to die.  It is because of the lack of joy when one does share the gospel with another and the lack of joy in the everyday lives of Christians.  I mean why would somebody want to join or be part of something so the can be miserable like the rest of them!  

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