You may have noticed an underlying theme through these first 20 weeks. That of personnel implementation and application  of the life of Christ in your life.  I have two daughter now who are junior and seniors in high school.  I n two years they both will have moved on from my house to attend college somewhere and start their life.  Will they continue to seek after God and attend church?  I pray they will.  And I have been preparing them not by teaching them my beliefs of God, who my God from the pulpit, Bible classes, and other ways, but getting them to see and experience who "their God" is.  The only way they will want continue to seek a deeper relationship with God through Christ is if the experience their salvation in a way that it does not become just "the Gospel of Jesus Christ", but "their Gospel of Jesus Christ."  Being a pastors kid won't, shame and guilt will improperly motivate them for a time, but it will never sustain a person to follow Christ.  And these means will never motivate you to  continue to seek a relationship with God.  Sitting listening to sermons, in Bible classes, reading teaches on the Bible and Jesus are good, but what are you doing, how are you spending time, where are you going to experience, taste, see, meditate, fall in love, and come to know Jesus  in a personal way?  Post some ways you personalize and make the Gospel your own.

S.O.A.P.S is technique of reading scripture that helps you personalize and implement Scriptures into your daily life. 

Link to today's day 20 Challenge:  Day 20: SOAPS