Today’s challenge looks at Eveangelism.

Dr. Tuttle was a professor at Asbury Theological Seminary that I attended and was an amazing man of God.  He had a heart and gift for sharing the Gospel.   One of his sayings I remember was, “Is everyone in here saved?” (what he asks after entering every room)

Another I remember was, “My believing in the uniqueness in faith in Jesus Christ, doesn’t make me right, but it sure makes me an evangelist.”  – (in response to how can you be so narrow-minded as to assume the uniqueness of faith in Christ.)

In the “Ministry of Evangelism” course Dr. Tuttle told us his class one day, “Do something, even if it’s wrong,” I had to wrestle with the notion that God would be okay with me doing something for Him that He hadn’t personally given the official stamp of approval, as long as I prayed and sought the advice of others. I originally believed that I should act only after receiving God’s official “go-ahead.” Dr. Tuttle challenged me (more than he could ever know) with that one little sentence.

As you know I have followed God’s calling into vocation of ministry full time, and I still seek God’s guidance on a regular basis, but I am no longer shackled by my desire to receive the divine “Do it.”  Some wonderful, Kingdom-expanding ministries, amazing encounters with Christ, have begun as a result of Dr. Tuttle pausing from his sentence, looking at each person in the class, and saying, “Do something even if it’s wrong.” My understanding of evangelism has a slogan, and I can thank Dr. Tuttle for giving it to me.”

Dr. Tuttle also said that 90% of evangelism is just being present where you are.  Not thinking about where you came from, or what’s next on your list, but being present with the people and situation you find yourself in.  Praying before you go into a location that the Holy Spirit will give you an unavoidable opportunity to share the Gospel with someone is huge.  It is a prayer he honors and answers.

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