There were four steps to Jesus discipleship process with his disciples.

  1. I do, you watch.
  2. I do, you help.
  3. You do, I help.
  4. You do.

I do, you watch: Jesus alone did the action whether it was performing a miracle or and encounter with some one.

I do, you help: Jesus did the action, demonstrated what the kingdom of God and discipleship looked like, while the disciples watched.  Many Examples: Mark 3:1-6, Jesus heals a man's withered hand, Mark4:35-41, Jesus Calms the storm.

I do, you help: Jesus performs the action, but the disciples help: Mark 6:30-44 Jesus feeds the 5 Thousand.  Matt. 14:22-33, Jesus and Peter walk on water.

You do, I help: The disciples did the action, while jesus helped: Mark 6:7-13 Jesus sends out the 12.

You do, I watch:Acts of the Apostles and today.

The problem with most churches today is they skip steps 2 and 3.  The go straight from step 1, "I do, you watch" to step 4, "You do."  People come to church on Sunday morning and sit in seats and watch people perform for them live on stage. They watch professionals who have spent days and months planning sermon series, meetings with worship teams and time spent preparing sermons and rehearsing songs.  Then Monday morning comes and they are "liven stage" at their work, school, in daily life and they dod not know how to share their testimony, the Gospel, or reach someone for Christ because they were never mentored and guided through the most important steps: I do, you help and You do I help.  And pastors and church leadership teams wonder why people are not becoming or making disciples!  They wonder why people do not understand the cost of discipleship and tithe!  It is because they themselves were never discipled.  Worship services and Sunday morning/Wednesday Bible studies are not steps 2 & 3!

It takes a commitment to and an investment in time by both the church (you and I) and those being discipled.  Commitment to going through a 30 day challenge.  I lead a 9 week Discipleship 101 training I would love to use to invest time into you.  I am willing to go beyond "church" as Sunday morning worship and Bible studies if you are.  Pray.

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