Today we are on our final day of the 30 Day Challenge.  We have spent a month together being encouraged and challenged in our call to become disciples of Jesus Christ who multiply and make Disciples of Jesus Christ.  What is next?

If you desire to continue on in this process, and I pray you do, you must personally answer this question, “Am I a disciple worth multiplying?” God does not desire to multiply mediocrity.  He desires to multiply those who exhibit immediate, radical, costly, obedience.  Discipleship is the act and process of modeling and conforming yourself to Christ. You must have the desire to examine and improve your personal prayer life and walk with Jesus before you can step into trying to examine and improve your community and get others to walk with Jesus.

 I have come to understand that there is no “easy button” to achieve this; to become or make a disciple.  It requires reading Scripture more than I ever have before, praying more than I ever have before, and being openly accountable to others in the body more than I ever have been before. It requires taking Jesus’ command to “go” seriously meaning I am sent into my neighborhood.  How I become or “make” a disciple is simple, but it is not easy.  If I am not willing to consistently embrace and model this, then I cannot effectively lead others to become disciples.  I cannot lead them to a place I myself am not willing to go.  And no program, training, technique or tool, like this 30 Day Challenge alone I complete, then file and move to anther program,  an replace lack of obedience.  Am I a disciple worth multiplying?

Discipleship as a life-long process of growing… becoming more and more like Jesus. As God reveals thoughts, attitudes, and actions that are not “Christ-like,” a committed apprentice responds by changing to be more like Christ.

If you are, if you are committed “change”, committed to keep going in this life long process of becoming a disciple of Jesus, I would love to walk with you for a season.  I lead a 9 week Discipleship 101 training that goes deeper into the principles presented in this 30 day Challenge and we model discipleship together out in the community That I would love to walk you through here at ODC or go to your church or small group.  I also would love to talk with anyone who is praying about starting a simple house church and I will MAWL Model Assist Watch Leave alongside of as you launch it and grow your church.  I will help you no matter what denomination or church you attend.  Discipleship has nothing to do with increase my territory but increasing the territory of the God’s kingdom. My email is,  Cell is 256-302-3785

I am fasting today in prayer over you on this final day of the challenge. That’s all I can do. It is up to you.  But if not you, then who?  And if not now, then when?  Remember that quote from Martin Luther, “Delay is the sharpest arrow in the enemy’s quiver.”.

Much love,


Link to Day 30 challenge:  Day 30: Next Steps