Sorry for the later post, morning interruptions!  When I was praying and thinking about the aspect of Signs and Wonders, 1Kings 18:20-40 came to my mind.  Read it today.  It is the story of Elijah vs. the priests of Baal on who's God could send down fire to consume the offering on their altar.  Elijah had a confidence, I could go so far as to say a "cockiness" about his amazing God and a complete assurance that his church's God could send down fire from heaven as easily as our churches send out a letter.  

I read this and I think wow! I read about the church in Acts 4 that was gathered together in prayer and the Holy Spirit descended  on them and the room shook like there was an earthquake.  I want to be part of that church! don't you?  I want to be part of a church that is not held together, focused on, or exists because it has talented people and leaders present on Sunday mornings, but because the fire of the Holy Spirit is present.  I want to be part of a church where people walking out of it are not critiquing a sermon series by a pastor, but in awe of the series of signs, healing and wonders they just witnessed by God.

God's desire at creation, Jesus death and resurrection, the Holy Spirit's in dwelling, were and are all for the creation and existence of such a church.  A "supernatural church" that is unstoppable.  Frances Chan in the video below I attached commented on how churches today are so easily "stoppable."  A talented leader leaves, a donor dies, a strategic plan fails, and church doors close or its ministries become ineffective.  In order for a church to be an unstoppable, supernatural church, it has to rely and be surrendered to our unstoppable and supernatural  God.   You become a supernatural church by spending hours doing what the world does not view as "super," and does not come "natural" to us; hours spent together on our knees.

Watch the video below by Francis Chan.  Read 1 Kings 18:20-40; Joel 2:28-32, and Acts 4:29-33.  Pray that signs and wonders, the sending of fire from heaven, will be as common place in your church and life as the sending of emails.  

Please post you thoughts from my reflections, the video, and/or the Scriptures below for us to discuss.

Much love,