My daughter's Paris and Milan are on their Chrysalis weekend with 30 other teenage girls.    Chrysalis is like the weekends of Walk To Emma's, Cursillo, and Paseo, except for youth.  Today is their last day.  Please pray they encounter the living God.  I shared the story below in letter to them, and I share it with you this morning. 

Bike Ride with Jesus

At first I saw God as my observer, my Judge keeping track of the things I did wrong to see if I merited heaven or hell when I died.  He was out there like the President.  I recognized his picture when I saw it but I really did not know him.  But latter on when I met Christ it seemed as though life was rather like a bike ride.  But it was a tandem bike and I noticed that Jesus was on the back of the bike helping me pedal.  I don’t know exactly when it was that he suggested we change places, but life has not been the same since.

            When I had control I knew the way. It was rather boring, but it was predictable.  It was the shortest distance between two points.  But when he took the lead he knew delightful long cuts.  Up mountains and through rocky places at break neck speeds, it was all I could do to hang on!  Even though it looked like madness he said pedal! pedal! I worried, I was anxious, and I asked where are you taking me?! He laughed and did not answer!

            And I started to learn to trust.  I forgot my boring life and entered into his adventure.  And when I’d say, “I’m scared!” he’d lean back and touch my hand.  He took me to people with gifts that I needed.  Gifts of acceptance and healing and Joy and they gave me gifts to take with me on my journey, my Lords and mine.  And we were off again and he would say, “ Give those gifts away now they are extra baggage, to much weight!” so I did to the people we met and I found in giving I’d receive and still our burden was light.

           I did not trust him at first in control of my life.  I thought he’d wreck it.  But he knows bike secrets.  He knows how to make it to take sharp corners.  He knows how to jump to clear high rocks.  He even knows how to fly to shorten the scary passages.  And I’m learning to shut up and pedal.  Pedal in the strangest places. And I’m beginning to enjoy the view and the cool breeze on my face and my delightful constant companion Jesus Christ.  And when I’m sure I just can’t do any more he just smiles and says Pedal! Pedal!

                        Author unknown


            So I ask you this morning, What is it that has you anxious or unable to trust the Lord to drive your bike?  When you identify it now do you think he is not big enough to take that thing and help you pedal through it?  Oh it won’t be as simple as sitting through a church service or finding the magical verse of scripture.  It’s not like that.  And it may not be without some hills and rocks and scary moments where he takes you faster than you ever dreamed you‘d be going, or brings you to a complete stop and shows you the need for someone else.  This may be the reason God brought you to the place your in today, to read this devotion, because you don’t have anybody in that other seat on that tandem bike.  You really are alone in the journey and you need to remember you have a creator, further more you have a savior who hasn’t yet had his first wreck.

Most of you are given a day off today from your weekly daily labor.  You were given a "free day", please spend one hour of it in prayer asking, putting Jesus daily back completely in the front seat of your bike.  Use the Prayer Wheel,  Daily Prayer of Freedom, or Breastplate prayer from The past three day's posts if you like.  If Jesus is calling you to stop, and talk with someone, seek that person.  I am always here if you want to talk.  


Much love, Gary



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