Father, Son and Spirit, I begin my day in desperate need of complete communion with you.


“When David went home to pronounce a blessing on his own house, Michal, Saulʼs daughter, came out to meet him. She said, “How the king of Israel has distinguished himself this day! He has exposed himself today before his servantsʼ slave girls the way a vulgar fool might do!”

David replied to Michal, “It was before the Lord! I was celebrating before the Lord, who chose me over your father and his entire family and appointed me as leader over the Lordʼs people Israel. I am willing to shame and humiliate myself even more than this! But with the slave girls whom you mentioned let me be distinguished!” (2 Samuel 6:20-22)


A few years back I went for a month to Southern Darfur, Sudan.  The area has been ravaged by years of civil war as the Muslims of Northern Sudan continue military attacks and raids of kidnapping and rape against the indigenousChristians of Southern Sudan.  There are thousands of orphans in Southern Sudan.  The Muslins would raid the villages andkidnap the women and carry them off to the north for forced marriages/sex slaves.  The men in the village they would either kill or carry off as well for slave laborers.  The children of the villages would flee and run off into the bush and hide, and come back out after the Muslim raiders left, now orphans.


These children are poor of the poor.  Each child has only one outfit of clothing, and their only possessions are a small plastic bowl and a spoon, which they hold onto for dear life as it is the only way they receive food.  If there ever was a group who’s life and childhood experiences could cause them to take on a “victim mentality” it would be there children.  However they are not depressed or seeking pity. Instead, every morning they would line up at 8:00am.  And they would sing!  Out of their hearts in a body of absolute physical poverty would come the most amazing joy filled worship!  They would sing of their love for Jesus and thank him for all the blessings they receive from Him.


I attended and help lead the Sunday church gatherings held in a large grass roofed hut.  When it came time for the offering, those attending the service had absolutely nothing of any monetary value to offer up, tithe and put in a plate.  So they offered up and tithed themselves and put themselves into God’s hands.  As the time in the service for the offertory began, instead of lining up and coming up to the front of the church, their line would lead them to the back.  Then each one would offer them selves up to the Lord in a dance.  They would dance down the isle spinning, and leaping in front of God in an offering dance of all they are.  When they got to the altar in front they would drop to their knees and bow in complete surrender and then return to their seats.


In the USA churches struggle to get people to tithe 10%.  And what ever amount people put in the passing plate they feel justified from their giving.  I just sit here and try to imagine how different our churches would be if every member, every Sunday danced down the isle and offered all that they are to God.  How different every marriage and family would be if families together led by their parents would dance down the isle and surrender themselves together to God.  How different our communities would be if we un-shamefully danced together in front of the Lord and gave him all we are.  How different our governments and nation would be if our leaders would say like David, “I am willing to shame and humiliate myself even more than this!” and dance and surrender their potion of leadership to Jesus.


My family, I pray today during your time of devotion you will get up in you living room, kitchen, go out in your yard and simply but powerfully dance before the Lord and offer all you are up to him.  It would be the most fragrant gift pleasing to him you could ever offer.  And I pray your dance of offering would continue throughout your day.  Please pray the same for me.  God bless you my friends!


Gary Liederbach-Lead Follower

One Direction Community


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I went to Southern Darfur with an amazing ministry called Make Way Partners.  Click on the button below to go to their website to better understand their ministries  into some of the darkest and toughest places on this earth.