I was talking to a married couple, that I will give fake names of Rick and Rachel.  They told that they had been living in and renting a house owned by the Rick’s mother.  The mother and the Rick’s sister do not like Rachel and living in the house caused tension.  Rick said one day he got a call from his mom saying that in 30 minutes she is signing the closing papers and is selling the house they were living in.  They had to immediately move out!  Rick was hurt and struggling with the fact his mom never told him sooner and gave them such a short notice. Though they are struggling to forgive Rick’s mother, Rick and Rachel agreed the move ended up being a blessing.  They are out from under Rick’s mother’s control and free to live and control visits with her as they choose.  It was something that needed to happen.


It reminded me of a story in my life and the life of our church One Direction Community (ODC).  In December of 2015 ODC was sent a certified letter from the owners of the building we had helped restore and were using for our Gatherings.  The letter stated in ODC would no longer be able to use their facility in 2016, which we received 18 days before the end of the year.  So after our Christmas Eve service, we put on work clothes and that night loaded up allot of our things and moved them to a storage unit.  We were upset.


However, for a few months I felt a spiritual tension every time I walked into the building.  It was not a welcoming place.  However, ODC had put over $75k into the renovation of the building and spent hundreds of hours over the past year and a half renovating it.  And our rent, which was a donation, was only $500 a month.  So because of my reluctance to walk away from the huge investment we put into the building, and not knowing where we would find a place to rent for anything close to $500 a month in Madison, and the fear and uncertainty of change, we stayed at the building.  I knew in my spirit it was a spiritually toxic place that we needed to leave, but I did not have the balls to make the change.  God has much bigger balls than me.  He caused to happen what needed to happen because I would not.  Did it happen in an un-ethical or unfair way? Yes.  Did it need to happen though? Yes.  Is God fair? No.


Being kicked out put us into a season of fasting and praying for 28 days to listen and hear God’s direction for ODC.  It led us to launching Community Dinners at Terranovas, a Sunday morning gathering in a Flea Market, serving at the Manna House, leading a monthly gathering and teaching of discipleship trainings at the Downtown Rescue Mission, forming prayer nights on Fridays, and growing our house churches.  One of us had to have enough balls to make the change to allow this to happen, though I lacked them, God did not.


“Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and how inscrutable his ways! “For who has known the mind of the Lord, or who has been his counselor?”” (Romans 11:33-34)


Take a few moments to pray into the Holy Spirit. Ok, I know this is a kind of weird reflection, but prayerfully meditate on, “If I had enough balls to make this change in my life, what would it be?”  What would cause it to happen?  What would that event look like?  What would the future result of that change look like? 


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