Today, One Direction Community as a community are beginning 28 days of prayer and fasting over ODC as a body of Christ, and each of us as its members.  If you are not a member of ODC, you are welcomed and invited to join in with us over you life and ministry.  

ODC members, Pray for direction, vision, its ministries and gatherings, and a re-kindling of the fire of the Holy Spirit   We just went through a month of preparation in Lent, then Holy Week and finally we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus the Christ and hope of Easter. After spending a month in preparation for Easter, we do not need to spend one celebrating it but time together embracing it and the power and possibilities it offers us as a community of faith. Last week I sent out an email, on Groupme, and posted on Elijah’s Fire FB a letter that explained the details and covenant together of this call to fast and pray. Please read it and respond if you have not yet.  

  1. Week of April 24-31:  Daily: 30 minutes read Acts chapters 1-7, one chapter each day and pray. Weekly:  spend one day in fasting and prayer 

  2. Week of May1-7 Daily: 30 minutes, Acts chapters 8-14, one chapter each day and pray. Weekly:  spend one day in fasting and prayer

  3. Week of May 8-15   Daily: 30 minutes, Acts chapters 15-21 , one chapter each day and pray. Weekly:  spend one day in fasting and prayer

  4. Week of May 16-23Daily:   30 minutes, Acts chapters 22-28, one chapter each day and pray. Weekly:  spend one day in fasting and prayer 

Intro to Acts:

The Book of Acts of the Apostles, or as commonly simply called “Acts” picks up where Luke’s Gospel leaves off, recording the early progress of the gospel as Jesus’ disciples took it from Jerusalem throughout Judea, Samaria, and the rest of the Mediterranean world. The story begins with Christ’s ascension and the events of Pentecost. As Gentiles begin responding to the gospel, the focus shifts to Paul and his missionary journeys. Acts forms a bridge between the four Gospels and the rest of the New Testament, showing how the apostles carried on Christ’s work and providing a historical background for Romans through Revelation. The Acts of the Apostles is the second of two New Testament books written by Luke. Like his Gospel, Acts was a letter to Luke’s friend Theophilus, written sometime in a.d. 62–64.

Today, as we read Acts chapter 1 and pray, some thoughts to pray on:

  • Pray over and into your personal, and ODC' s collective "Baptism of the Holy Spirit."  v.5

  • Pray into the the power each of you received by the Holy Spirit v.8 

  • Pray over your personal and our collective call as a church to witness to your community, the surrounding communities, our state and country, and unto the nations.v. 8

  • Pray for the return of Jesus. v.11

  • Pray that every member of ODC will embrace this call to pray and fast, and we will seek with one mind God's anointing and calling on us. v.14

  • Pray over tryout personal call to be a witness to the resurrection of Jesus.  v.22

  • Pray over the leadership role in ODC God is calling you to take up. v. 24

Pray, as we begin this time together, that each of us individually and as a church will seriously commit to devote time to reading and praying through Acts to understand what God wants us as a church to fulfill.

I want this to be as much a community reflection time together as possible.  So please share your reflections and thoughts with ieach other in the comments box below.