Acts 10 is a removing by the Holy Spirit any barriers and the breaking of the binding chains of tradition, religion, cultural, ethnic, nationality, family heritage and norms that were strongholds on peoples lives, and excluded them from the Gospel.

All things are clean. It is not the object that is unclean (sex, alcohol, food, money, time, materials...)All Idolatry is the perversion of something good. vs. “What God has made clean, do not call common.” V.15. 

As importantly, All people are "clean", able to receive the Gospel.

"yet God has shown me that I should call no person defiled or ritually unclean" v,28

"Then Peter started speaking: “I now truly understand that God does not show favoritism in dealing with people, but in every nation the person who fears him and does what is right is welcomed before him." v.34

"No one can withhold the water for these people to be baptized, who have received the Holy Spirit just as we did, can he?” So he gave orders to have them baptized in the name of Jesus Christ." vs.47-48

I pray Lord to free me from the bondage and chains of pre-conceived judgments, prejudice, traditions, and thinking "Its the way we've always done it."   Free me personally and all of ODC as our church moves forward from any hindrances or clinging to style, format, meeting space, and doctrine.

I pray daily, "Lord, send us the ones nobody else wants."  Let us truly embrace this, not matter who or what this looks like.

Please share your reflections to my post or two the verses in Acts 10 that spoke to you.