Good morning Jesus, As deep cries out to deep, I lobg for your presence as I sit and wait on you. 

“Then I heard the altar reply, “Yes, Lord God, the All-Powerful, your judgments are true and just!” (Revelation 16:7)

Most of us in a church and individually know what we call ‘The Lord’s Prayer” by heart.  In that prayer we confess and claim that God the Father is “Our Father” and that “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” That includes your will for each one of us.  We claim you are omnipresent, omniscience. Ominpowerful; that you are present everywhere, you know everything and you have power and control over everything, including our lives. 

Your presence and the impact and effect of your presence is constant and never changing on all of creation.  Most of what we call your “judgments” or “wrath” are the results of us going against or trying to change what is unchanging. Sort of like gravity.   It is unchanging and constant throughout the earth. Its presence affects and has a form of control over almost every thing we do on this earth.  A person climbs up and goes on top of the roof of a 20 story building. They defiantly state gravity has no effect on me and jumps off the roof and fall 20 stories to their death.  You could say the gravity killed them.  That their death was caused by the judgment of the unchanging law of gravity. When it was the individuals choosing to defy gravity that caused its death. Gravity is not going to be altered by our will.

This is similar to God’s unchanging presence, holiness and impact on all of creation.  Our pain, hurt and struggles result from our times of defiance of God’s holy presence and existence, when we go against His laws and “jump in our flesh desires,” challenge an try to change His unchangeable nature to conform to our mature, and pain and struggles result.  We could blame it on the “Wrath of God” when the cause was really our stepping out against His constant hole presence.  God’s holy presence is not going to b altered by our will.

My family, I pray this morning you say the Lord’s Prayer again out loud.  And When you say, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” you let those words soak into your heart, and ask the Holy Spirit to conform your life to His will, in Jesus’ name.  Please pray the same for me.  God bless you my friends!

I want to encourage you to join me by alsosharing with us your thoughts, comments, reflections, and prayers you received from today’s reading in the comment box below.


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