Our House Church , "The Well" will meet this Wednesday evening from 6:30-8:30pm.   A core value of our House Churches is that truth is revealed through the study of scripture in community with others. Under the direction of the Holy Spirit we expose the truth of scripture through multiple believers whose various personal experiences, traditions, reason, and spiritual gifts reveal the simple and obvious meaning of the text. Whether you have spent years praying and reading the Bible or you are seeking for the first time what prayer, The Bile, and Christian fellowship looks like, you are welcomed.  Very casual and laid back atmosphere.  If you have a Bible bring it, if not that is fine.  We meet at 102 Champions Green Drive, Madison, Al 35758.  It may not look like anything like "church" to you, but we hope it feels more like it than ever!


Any questions or to RVP you are coming contact Gary Liederbach at garyl@onedirection.community.