House Churches (HC) are groups where as disciples we grow in our understanding of two relationships:  

With God: We are second to Him and His will comes first in our lives. 

With Others: Our call to immediate, radical, costly obedience to carry our cross and serve our neighbors.

HC are a place for accountability, guidance, confession, and encouragement, with the opportunity to form close friendships with real connections and community. HC make Bible doing as important as Bible studyemphasizing application of scripture over simply knowing scripture. Multiplication is a core value; we will share our story and God’s story, and train others with what we have learned.


HC offer a chance to look back, look up, and look forward using a format developed by international disciple makers. The curriculum is scripture, the purpose is to become disciples worth reproducing, and the focus is missional. We will encourage and equip each other to be missionaries where we live, where we work, where we play, and where we are sent.  HC meet regularly according to an agreed-to schedule and agenda.

If you’d like to attend a house church, or want to know more, contact Gary Liederbach at