When my wife and I were up in Lexington for the years I was attending seminary, our income was very limited.  We considered poor enough for our children to receive free lunches and health care through the state.  I remember one time walking into the county office with my wife to renew are children’s benefits.  Maybe the woman behind the desk who saw us was having a bad day, but she was very judgmental towards myself and my wife.  My wife and Icould tell she had a negative attitude towards us because we were “poor.”  In our conversation to us she told us about a couple other programs we could apply for, however her derogatory attitude was one of “good luck getting into it.  Nancy and I walked out thinking, the others programs probably don’t even exist.  

People do not believe there is a heaven because of they way Christians treat them on earth.  When Christians are around someone who is "lost," or of a different color, view on gender, social standing, “look” or even level of spirituality, they are judgmental towards them.   So those that are lost think, "There can't be a heaven or they would not have told me bout it."  They do not like being around me as it is here on earth.  So if there is a place much better than earth, where those there in heaven will to spend eternity together, and they don't like spending this limited time with me on earth, they surely would not tell me about such a place where they would have to be with me forever.  The fact that they are telling me about such a place, proves to me it is a lie and that it does not exist.

How we treat people matters.  People do not care what you know, do notlisten to you, unless they know you care.  In my story above, as my wife and I were getting ready to leave her office, she asked mr what I did for a living.  When I told her I was a pastor and going to seminary, her whole attitude changed towards us.  She basically chocked on her attitude towards us previously and we became her new best friends.  When she saw us as members of the body loved by God, it cut through and changed any preconceived attitudes and prejudices she formed against us.  When see everyone as members of the body and loved by God, it changes the way we relate to them, and they receive from us.

Pray today the Holy Spirit reveals over any prejudice or attitude that may be hindering others from believing the Gospel. 


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