"For he will order his angels to protect you in all you do.” Psalm 91:11

Last couple days I have had allot to reflect on.

Tuesday my daughters Paris, Milan and a friend where headed north on 65 and were a little south of Nashville. They were on their way to Wilmer Kentucky to visit friends they made their while I was in seminary.  Paris was driving, Milan in passenger seat,  and friend in back seat. Around 11:00am while Paris was switching lanes their car hydro planed. The car left the highway, crossed the medium grass strip and went into the south bound lane. It struck the rear of car going south.  This caused thier car to jump up and it jumped over the guard rail of the south bound lane.  It flew over the small trees on the side of the freeway, and over and down a steep embankment.  Car rolled 5 or 6 times and came to rest on its roof and passenger side. Thank God they had seat belts on.  Paris's belt snapped after the first or second roll and Milan held on to her as they flipped.  They all yelled. “We’re dead” as they flipped. Paris ended up on dash in windshield. Milan went through passenger door window when car stopped on that side.    A truck driver saw wreck and climbed down embankment and helped pull them up out of driver side window.  They were all able to walk up hill!!!  


I got a call from my daughter and Nancy I drove up there.  They were taken by ambulance to the hospital. From rolling all those times they are bruised.   Paris's head and face hit car and is swollen.  Milan hit her head as well  At hospital they ran x-rays and CT scans on them but they all came out good.  So after observing them for  a few hours for concussions they released them. All three of them are shaken up and bruised and have knots on their heads.  They also have abrasions from seat belts and car. However, God's favor was with them. No broken bones, no cuts, no stitches, no internal injuries.  Every window in car was broken and it was full of glass, but in all the tumbling none of the were cut by it.  It was a miracle.  If the car had rolled 3 feet to the right they would have went over a 60’ ravine to the river below.  Angels definitely guided the car.  We are praising God. 


We got home around 10:00pm that night.  Paris and Milan have been sleeping allot and chilling on the couch.  They are black and blue and sore. Car is totaled, they have a story to tell, but they are alive and on our couch!  Again praise God!!  The police and EMT could not believe they were not severely injured. They said they were very lucky, we know they were very blessed!


At our house church last night we read Psalm 91 and reflected on the sovereignty of God and the protection available to those who “have taken refuge in the Lord” Psalm 91:9.  We also shared and encouraged each other with our personal stories of divine intervention and rescues by God.


Read Psalm 91.  Then take time to reflect on your personal stories and those you know of protection and rescue by God.  May it be a time of encouragement for you.


Please share your reflections and stories below in the comment box.