One of the reasons we left Sunday mornings open was so we could spend time out in our community. This morning left my house and prayed God would lead me to people needing to hear the Gospel. I drove down to the Waffle House by Jordan Lane and spent 30 minutes there. I sat at counter and started a conversation with a waitress. In it , she told me she told me last week she lost her 2 month old daughter to S.I.D.S. She found he'd dead in her crib. I got to spend time ministering and praying with her.

I went then to the WH on University by the boardwalk for 30 minutes. In another conversation with a waitress she told me she had a 3 month old daughter she wanted to be baptized. We talked and prayed over it and are going to do it next month.

I then went to the WH by Hughes for 30 minutes. I sat at counter between 2 men that did not know each other. After introducing myself to them. We discovered that all three of us who randomly sat there were from Cleveland!! We had a great conversation.

I personally handed out over 20 CD flyers and invited them to CD, MNW and house church.

This morning was an amazing 1 1/2 hour "church" service, at 3 different campuses. Did you attend "Church" today?