Isaiah 55

“..they will be a monument to the Lord,

a permanent reminder that will remain.” V.13

This chapter is one full of encouragement and hope!  Something has happened that has completely changed the picture.  If they will, God’s people can see the face of God, one that is welcoming!  What has happened to account for this change?  One thing only: Isaiah’s announcement of the work of the Servant.  Because of what he has done, God’s face towards his people is no longer stormy L but sunny J! The only thing they must do, is only thing we must do as well: accept the sin offering that the Servant has made and receive the mercy of God and all that that offering contains.

And as verse 13 states, if they do this, they, and we as well, will be able to be the servants of God in the world, a position the book has been hoping for and looking to at least since chapter 2.  Fulfilling God’s plan for us as his disciples to be his servants of hope in the world.  It is the same plan God had for designing and creating you.