In day two of our challenge we are asked to invite someone to join in taking this challenge with us.   Making Disciples is about making relationships.  For most people who attend a traditionally structured church, wether it is in fact a traditional or contemporary service, they are used to and conditioned to invite people "to" something: They invite people TO their church, TO meet their pastor, TO a worship service, TO an event.  Discipleship however is about about inviting people "INTO" something, a relationship with you.  The goal is not to get them walking into a service or pastor's office, but walking in a relationship with you where you can disciple and hold each other accountable.  Big difference.  However that is not what we have been conditioned or called by the church to do. But a study of the life of Jesus reveals it is what he calls us to do.

Here is the link to day 2:  Day 2: Recruit Another

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