All Christians to be able to share their testimony.  Revelations 12:11 tells us the way we will overcome the world and evil is by the blog of the lamb and the word of our testimony.  Your testimony does not have to be something elaborate.  It simply needs to be able to answer the question if asked of you by an individual, "What difference does it make in your life that you are a Christian?  They do not want a apologetics argument.  There not seeking a theological statement.  They don't want to know about your pastor or church you attend.  Wether that person is a co-worker, classmate, friend, family member, or someone you are standing in line with at Walmart: at that moment the question is asked, it is the relationship with you that matters to them and they are seeking to hear you tell them what difference it makes in your day to day life that you love and follow Jesus.  If you can't share that with them, if there is no difference, then why should they become one?  Being able/not being able to share this testimony may have eternal kingdom ramifications on that persons life.

Day 7 Challenge link:  Day 7: Your Testimony


Laundromat Ministry:  this morning 10:00am-12:00pm  For those in the area, this morning we will be doing are laundromat ministry and outreach at Jiffy Laundromat located at 107 Arlington Drive, Madison, Al 35758. We bring coffee, tea, doughnuts, cookies, quarters for laundry, and simply share life with those coming to wash their cloths.  They were not going to church and the fellowship time, so we bring it to them.  It allows time to practice sharing your testimony, life, and praying with people.  Bring a dozen doughnuts or cookies with you, or just show up.  If you can't come, and you participate in another form of outreach in the community, share it as a comment.