Last night members of our house church met at Parkway Place Mall in the food court.  We gathered around a table in the food court and we prayed, shared the Lord’s Supper, and sang a song.  We prayed that God would give us his eyes to see through.  Afterwards we divided up and we “Prayer Walked” the mall.  We walked the mall and randomly stopped and prayed over people and situations as the Holy Spirit led us.  There were four 5 of us in my group; 2 men, two women, and a 7 year old boy.   Here is how our night went.

God met us at as when we first walked into the mall.  We have prayer walked here several times.   The first time we came, and each time there afterwe prayed over the janitors who wipe the tables and mop the floors in the food court.  One of them saw us as we walked in and came up to us pushing his mop bucket saying “Hey Guys!  You going to pray over me again while you’re here right!”  We did.   As my group began our time prayer walking we came first to a store.  The owner was from India and he a turban wrapped around his head.  We asked ifthere was something we could pray for him.  He said no, but invited us to please walk through his store.  We did and it was spiritually dark. There were statues and figurines of Buddha’s, demons, skulls, dragons and other mystic creatures all throughout the store.  We gathered and prayed against the false gods and darkness and for light.

  Next we walked into a Footlocker store.  We prayed with a young man who needed prayer for his family.  We then went into a Build a Bear store.  Scott the 7 tear old insited God wanted us to go into that store.  We met a sales woman in here early 20s.  We asked if we could pray for her for something,  She said yes.  Her district manager’s mother just passed away and tomorrow was going to be her first day back since the funeral.   Her mother and father had just separated and her father Monday moved to Orlando and her mother was struggling and depressed.   Another employee and hers friend had applied for a management position at store and needed prayer.

We went into another store and prayed with a young lady employee and her relationship with a guy, and his mother who just had surgery that morning to remove part of her stomach from cancer.  At a kiosk we prayed with woman from the Philippines.  She and her husband have been in country for less than a year.  Because their son turned 25 before their Visa’s where completed, the government would not let him come, and they had to leave him.  She is working two jobs, her husband as well and they are living in a one-room apartment.  Tears flowed from her as we prayed over her situation.  

We went back to the Food Court and gathered around a table with the other groups who prayer walked to share our experiences.  While at the table, a family with 3 children passed by me.  I had passed them three times as we walked the mall and the Spirit told me to pray with them.  I invited them to the table and I stood up asked if I could pray with them.  The woman said yes!.  Her cousin with two small children is battling cancer and going through his fourth round of cancer.  A week ago she had just mover up to Huntsville from New Orleans because of a man she is in a relationship with and was going through the transition, and the man’s sister was in the hospital fighting for her life from child birth complications.  We held hand in the food court and prayed.  An employee of one of the food court restaurants saw us and when we finished he got my attention and called me over to his counter.  He asked what we were doing and I told him.  He asked if I could please pray over his brother and brother-in-law who were with him behind the counter.  They were all Latino and it was a family business.  He also asked for prayers over his wife andthere one week old daughter.  So we did at his counter.  He said he wanted to come to our house church next Wednesday because it is his off day. 

We had church.  We were the church.  Those I led to prayer walk that night with me were discipled and prepared for their “Monday morning after church” to witness and multiply disciples far more then sitting in a pew.   In my post yesterday I said my calling, our calling is to lead people to where through the Holy Spirit they will have a real encounter with Jesus, that will allow them to hunger and thirst for more.  I believe I did.  And those we prayed with I believe had a real encounter with Jesus, that I pray will lead them to hunger and seek him more.

Today, during your running around and errands, when you pull up to a place in your car and park, pause for a minute before you get out.  Say a 30 second prayer that the Holy Spirit will give you eyes to see like God sees those you will meet when you enter that place.  It will change its experience. 

Please share your thoughts and comments below.

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