This past Thursday evening at the Huntsville Downtown Rescue ODC partnered with the band 718 Project and held a worship night that around 300 people attended. It was a powerful evening of prayer. A deaf man received his hearing. A woman with sever arthritis in her legs could walk normal again. She texted me this morning that for the past 2 years her husband had to put her socks and shoes on her because she could not stand the pain doing it herself. This morning she put them on herself pain free! Addictions were broken. adults and children heard the voice of God, people accepted and recommitted to Christ and God was glorified.  God is so amazing! 

From this ODC is now going to do a Gathering as part of our Community Dinners gatherings the first Monday of every month at the DRM. The Zume Discipleship training I was going to lead on Sunday mornings is now going to be moved and held at the DRM to allow those in their program to attend. My training class has grown from 16 now to 40!

Church was designed to be a movement not a location.  ODC has been doing Community Dinners weekly in a restaurant for 8 months. Our children ministry meets in an apartments Community Center. Our new gathering meets Sunday mornings in the Limestone County Flea market. We meet and gather in the Jiffy Laundromat.

For Good Friday we put Crosses up along the walking trail at Indian Creek the week before and hold Stations of the Cross and Good Friday service in the park's pavilion. Our Easter service is going to be held in a community Center of a HUD project in Huntsville. We will prayer walk the community for a couple weeks before and hand out flyers and pray with people. Easter Sunday we will put out 1,000 eggs for the kids, do a service, grill burgers and dogs, and share stories with their community. We believe that 50 will come to Christ and we will launch a house church in that community center.

I am saying this simply to encourage you to think outside the box. To see church as a movement throughout your day instead of  a location on one given day.  But be prepared that if you pray for God to lead you to minister outside the box, he will honor that and show you what real out of the box faith, worship, and grace looks like. It is challenging me right now. I pray you are now or will come to the place it challenges you as well.

This Friday evening, February 23rd, we are having a gathering of prayer in one of our worship leaders home at 7:00pm in south Huntsville at 15041 Leafmore Dr SE, Huntsville. We will be praying over a movement of the Holy Spirit and awakening in Huntsville/North Alabama.  We will be praying over healing,  We would love to pray with and over you.

We are all member of The Church.  We are all part of the movement of God. We are all missionaries.  The definition I use of a missionaries is someone who is willing to sacrifice everything except the Gospel, for the sake of the Gospel.  Pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance, then reflect today on these questions:

Is your church life based on movement or a location?

How are you participating in the movement of God?

Where is church as the movement of God happening around you?

Where is God calling you to enter into his movement?

Please post your reflections as a comment below.  Also please connect with me as I would love to help, train, and walk with you, your small group, your church in becoming movemental.