I hear in churches and prayer ministries leaders teach that prayer is fundamentally about petition, intercession, repentance, thanksgiving…ect.  I do not believe prayer is fundamentally about these.  It is not fundamentally about waiting around to hear God speak to us.  Fundamentally prayer is the breathe of the Christian life.  And the funny thing about breathing is if you don’t breathe, you die.  Breathe or die.  Pray or die. Prayer is not to be seen as something you do, prayer is to be part of your being. Scriptures tell us we are to pray without ceasing. How can I do that if I have a meeting in an hour or have to coach a ball game. When prayer becomes some thing we do, praying without ceasing is impossible. When it becomes part of our being, then just like breathing, it becomes part of our existence.  Why are churches declining and dying?  Because they have stopped breathing.

Link to day 4 Challenge:  Day 4: Make a List

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 Daily:  Go to link for that day of challenge, read daily Bible passage and commentary, watch the 3-4 minute video, and then spend time in prayer over them and the completion of the action for that day.

Weekly: Pick a day that works for you and spend one day a week fasting in prayer over becoming a deeper disciple of Christ.Post reflections and thoughts as a comment below for discussion.

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