Last week we finished our year journey together reading through the whole new New Testament of the Bible.  We read all of the Gospels and their stories and teachings from the life of Jesus.  We read The book of Acts and its account of the birth and spread of the Church in the world.  And we read all the letters from Paul, John, James, Peter, Jude and other books that spoke on how we are as followers of Jesus to what we learned about Jesus into our daily lives.  Starting Tuesday, October 1st for 30 days we are going to challenge ourselves to live out and put into practice what we have spent a year reading about Jesus.  For the 30 Day Challenge starting in October my daily post each morning will have us read that mornings Bible passage, a short reflection on the passage and watch a 3-4 minute short video.  These will encourage us to do some type of action that day of following Jesus.  I also want to encourage each of us to spend one day a week fasting and in prayer over our this time together and our Churches. I want to highly encourage everyone to commit and join in with me on this challenge.  Invite your church, small groups, co-workers and classmates to join in with you!  I will post each day’s challenge of Facebook.  If you would like to receive the the link to each daily challenge by email message me yours and others email address.  I am looking forward to where this will lead us as we intentionally follow Jesus.

Since we have finished reading through the New Testament, until next week begin praying into and preparing yourself for the next 30 days. Pray into what and where you want to get stronger in your Loving of God, Loving of Neighbor, and Making Disciples. Start contacting people to go through the challenge with you.

Much Love!


Gary Liederbach- Lead Follower

One Direction Community/ Toney UMC



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