In the previous chapters Isaiah illustrated God’s sovereignty over the gods of Babylon and all nations and the only God able to deliver his people.  Isaiah now looks at Babylon.  He represents the empire as a beautiful and arrogant woman who is forced to abandon her proud and luxurious living and take the place of a slave.  God is not a creation of humanity, he is God.  And any nation or human that dares to try to rise over his place will only find themselves caught in an unequal contest, the end of which is never victory, but either ends in surrender or destruction.


The times in my life that have been the most miserable are the times I replaced God with myself as lord of my life.  It always ended in some level of destruction to myself or others, and then falling on my knees and repenting and asking forgiveness from God and others.  When God is the most complete Lord over me, and I am the most completely his servant, is when my life contains the most joy.